As a past gymnast and having had a few accidents, I really needed spinal care, so when we moved to Vernon, I was happy to find Dr. Bruce Adamson.  We have been seeing him for over 20 years and then when we moved three hours away, I haven’t been able to find another chiropractor that is as good.  Whenever I can get back to Vernon for the day, I just text the good doctor to see if he can fit me into his schedule and he always does!

I like that he  manipulates manually and comfortably and yet uses a spinal adjusting gun as well….I have found that chiro’s that only use the gun do not get the vertebrae back into place like I need.

I also love that he is a Naturopath and every time we talk about health challenges I have, he usually gives me a lesson on how the body works and what can help it the most with natural remedies!

Thanks, Dr. Bruce for becoming a family friend, we have enjoyed building a good relationship through the years.

Elizabeth Windmill

My name is Michelle Doucet and I came to Doctor Adamson 3 years ago having been diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. He told me to remove all the metal and root canals out of my mouth. I went on intense iodine deficiency treatment and changed my diet added some exercises and stretches. Dr.Adamson also told me quite a few supplements to boost my health. He has also been working with me as a chiropractor for the whole time. It has been a long road and I still fall off the wagon sometimes but I am feeling really good right now and at the moment am pharmaceutical free which is my goal. Thank you Dr.Adamson for all the support and guidance.

Michelle Doucet

I have been seeing Dr. Adamson for the past 3 years. I have been very happy with my treatments and progress. Dr. Adamson genuinely cares about his patients, he listens, quickly answers questions & concerns and suggests treatment or exercise plans to help the problem. Having a Dr. who is knowledgeable in both chiropratic and naturopathic health is a real bonus!

C. Morrison

Very professional, polite and informative. Dr. Bruce uses a variety of techniques and apparatuses which he thoroughly explains what he is doing and why. Best explanations for his activity on myself and my wife that we have ever experienced. He gives great advice on stretches and exercises that we can perform at home so we don’t have to see him as often.
He also is a Naturopathic practitioner which we found to instill confidence in what he says.
Dr. Bruce is now our new chiropractor and we look forward to him looking after our every ache and pain.

Troy Byrnell

I’ve had awesome experiences with Dr Adamson. I’ve been getting treated by him for years and every time I leave feeling significantly better than before. He is professional and very knowledgeable in various fields regarding health and nutrition. I would highly recommend him.

Janelle Nunez

My grandparents really believe in chiropractic care, so my mom often took me to Dr. Bruce Adamson as I was growing, to make sure I kept my spine aligned. Then when I became a Rodeo competitor from ages 9 -22 and had a bunch of jarring tumbles in my dismounts off my horse, I found it really important to be consistent in visiting my chiropractor.
Goat milking and stall cleaning created back discomfort, so Dr. Adamson has been very helpful in keeping me in shape for working at my Farrier business. My joints also need to be loosened so I am able to continue working on the Ranch.
Thanks, Dr. Adamson, for usually checking to see if I am wearing my shoe orthotics, because I do find them very important in keeping my ‘foundation’ strong (like you always say) lol.

Evangeline Harper