Throughout my adult life, I have been plagued by fatigue and depression. I have tried many therapies to be well, including diets,  vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal formulas, magnets, exercise, prescription medications, yeast diets, chiropractic, medical doctors, all helpful, but with limited success.


I had been painting the interior of our home when I realized I was not feeling well. Next I felt a pain traveling down my right arm.  Then I noticed that my chest was hurting.  When the pain began to move up my neck, I turned to my wife and said “I think you should take me to the hospital, I think I might be having a heart attack.”


After some acute care, the hospital gave me a stress test and an angiogram. The cardiologist told me that everything was fine and that he did not know what was causing my arteries to spasm. The attacks continued and I found myself in the emergency department about 80 times over the next year and a half.  The diagnosis changed to anxiety panic disorder.  They sent me to a psychiatrist.


Around this time, my naturopath / chiropractor, Dr. Bruce Adamson called me and said “I hear you’ve been sick”.  After performing a Vega test on me, he said “I want you to see this biological dentist in Kelowna. I believe you have mercury poisoning from your dental fillings”. Prior to my dental appointment, Dr. Bruce gave me a book to read entitled “It’s All In Your Head” by Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS.  As I read the book I began to understand that my problem could be a result of mercury toxicity. House paint is also a good source of mercury poisoning. Interesting that I was painting my house when the first attack occurred – I now believe I had reached my toxic limit.


The biological dentist, Dr. Les Winick felt the mercury in my fillings was interfering with my hearts natural pacemaker, and recommended that we change all 12 of my fillings immediately to ceramic non-metal.


I have been taking herbal supplements to help remove mercury from my system, and I can literally feel the difference. I have not had a single episode of coronary artery spasms and it feels like my heart is actually beating stronger. I have energy again, not only physical, but emotional energy. I am able to walk 4 kilometers at a time with no chest pains or loss of energy. I am so thankful for Dr. Adamson figuring out the missing piece of the puzzle for my health.